Financial Management Services for Those in Need

Daily Financial Management & Support Services

  • Set up bank accounts
  • Set up direct deposit for all income sources
  • Banking, check writing, deposits
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Bill paying
  • Verify proper insurance billing
  • Make referrals to appropriate agencies
  • Assist with funeral plans, medical directives, etc
  • Assist with arranging for personal needs, if needed

Income Cap Trust

  • Set up trust account
  • Report any changes of trust to appropriate agencies
  • All the services listed in Daily Financial Management & Support Services
  • Create Income Cap Trust per Oregon Medicaid rules


  • Beginning inventory
  • Accurate and thorough annual accounting as required by court
  • Assurance of most beneficial investments when appropriate
  • All the services listed in Daily Financial Management & Support Services

Representative Payee

  • Monthly budgets set up
  • Annual accountings to Social Security
  • Complete requirements including redetermination
  • All the services listed in Daily Financial Management & Support Services
  • Address all Social Security Administrative correspondence
  • Annual Veteran Administration accountings
  • Annual Railroad Retirement reporting

Limited Power Of Attorney/Durable Power Of Attorney

  • Daily financial management: banking only on limited power of attorney
  • Change of address to Social Security, banks, etc.
  • Accurate and thorough accountings to client, agency, or family member where applicable
  • Accurate and thorough accountings to client, agency, or family member where applicable

Personal Representative

  • Identify all Estate Assets
  • Secure all assets in an Estate Accounts
  • All probate court requirements through coordination with qualified legal professionals


  • Comprehensive management of all assets
  • Assure all assets are transferred to the trust
  • Report to those entitled to notice
  • Coordinate all requirements with qualified legal professionals

Special Needs Trust

  • Ensure all disbursements are compliant to protect benefits
  • Report to all service agencies
  • Provide annual accounting

Other Services

  • Alternate for the following:
    • Durable Power of Attorney
    • Limited Power of Attorney
    • Personal Representative
    • Healthcare Representative

Oregon Money Management Program

The Oregon Money Management Program (OMMP) is funded by the Oregon Department of Human Services and offered statewide through regional sponsors. OMMP is offered free of charge to qualified residents of Coos and Curry counties. Services are provided by trained, certified, and supervised volunteers.

Coos Elderly Services, Inc., the regional sponsor of the Oregon Money Management Program, has partnered with the State of Oregon with financial support from the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Representative Payee Services

Coos Elderly Services is appointed by the funder (Social Security, VA, etc.) to manage the client’s account. All bills and bank accounts are handled by the program. Participants may have input with their finances, however, Representative Payees will have final determination in the distribution of funds.

Bill Pay Assistance

A trained volunteer will meet with individuals in their home to assist with paying monthly bills, organizing financial papers and reconciliation of bank account. All bills and bank accounts are under the participant’s control. This program is NOT responsible for any bank fees or charges or any late payment fees assessed by creditors. Full responsibility for these accounts lays solely on the owner of the account. This service is provided on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about these programs, please contact us at (541) 756-1202.


Direct Service Volunteers

Direct Service Volunteers work with program clients either on a one-to-one basis by providing bill pay services or in-office as representative payees. These volunteers help create budgets, pay bills, and write checks. A minimum commitment of 2 hours per month for one year is required.

Team Leader Volunteers

Team Leaders work under the direction of the Regional Coordinator. Tasks include: recruiting and mentoring volunteers, matching clients and volunteers, and substituting for volunteers who are temporarily away. A minimum commitment of 8 hours a month for one year is required.

Office Aide Volunteers

Volunteer Office Aides work in Regional Sponsor offices assisting the program coordinator with data entry, filing, answering phones, processing mail, and other day-to-day administrative duties. A minimum commitment of 3 hours a week for one year is required.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Oregon Money Management Program, please contact us at (541) 756-1202 or complete the
Volunteer Application.